Blockchain solutions

for enterprises

Every enterprise has different needs, especially when it comes to integrating new technologies into its business model. We work with companies around the world to help them leverage blockchain, with experience in a variety of industries and use cases. Our solutions give you the maximum amount of flexibility, with a comprehensive suite of white label products or an API to build the exact functionality you need.


An operating system designed for your business

With the CoreLedger TEOS API, you can develop custom UI solutions using our toolbox of functions to document, tokenize, govern, and trade any kind of asset. You can also interact with CoreLedger TEOS on a programmatic level, and extend your solution with custom tools and apps, or even use it to develop games, exchanges, markets, notary services and other useful creative applications.

Need even more functionality? We have a broad network of software development partners who use our SDK to fill in any remaining gaps.

Active Sandbox for Enterprises

Our Active Sandbox that makes it easy for startups and SMEs to start using blockchain is also a powerful tool for corporate customers. Save on your initial development costs, quickly prototype, and then migrate to a productive CoreLedger TEOS subscription. We support you all along the way.

  • Save 30% of your initial development cost
  • Quickly prototype, test, and improve without writing code
  • We help you migrate your PoC to a productive solution


A turnkey, codeless token economy platform that scales with your needs.

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Developing a corporate
project with CoreLedger


Free 30-minute meeting with us to outline your project & discuss solutions.


We offer a full consulting package to define your project.


Start building your solution with our API or Active Sandbox.


Develop additional functionality with API or take your project live.


Receive ongoing support from our team.