White Label Portal

The White Label Portal (WLP) acts as the bridge between real and tokenized assets. Tokens need to be acquired or purchased, and the WLP offers a simple webshop-like interface that lets you put tokens into a shopping cart and pay with either bank transfer, credit card, or Bitcoin.  


There is also the option to leave the tokenized world and reclaim real assets. This is not limited to selling tokens and receiving the money; you can use the portal to convert an asset-backed token, which is basically an IOU, into the underlying physical asset.  

The White Label Portal can be configured to match your brand identity with custom colors, logos, and icons. 

The portal allows you to authenticate with various popular user accounts, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or just have an account within CoreLedger.  

All user accounts are personalized. They can be required to do KYC before doing any purchase or redemption, and the portal can also be used as a gateway to a KYC service provider of your choice. 

The portal is fully configurable with your methods of payment and payout, the digital assets, their description and prices. As always, the entire look and feel can be adjusted to your desired corporate identity and design. 

Like all our whitelabel products, you can use them as-is; or, by starting from the SDK, everything can be easily customized, adapted, and extended. Our software partners will assist you with any of your wishes. 



What can you do with the WLP? 

  • Sell tokens to your customers (ICO, STO, ITO, etc); 
  • Allow your customers to redeem values (e.g. exchange tokens into Fiat currency); 
  • Create a gateway to reclaim values from storage certificates or vouchers; 
  • Make an entry point for KYC; 
  • Build a decentralized marketplace, complete with payment features for receiving and sending; 
  • Build a Point-of-Sale solution; 
  • Create a marketplace for trade or project finance; 
  • Create a platform for crossborder-finance and transfer-pricing.