Our Token Economy Operating System is a powerful, turnkey solution that enables projects of any size to realize business processes on blockchain at a fraction of the cost and time normally needed to develop a blockchain project from scratch.


Adapt your business


To understand CoreLedger’s product offerings, like our Active Sandbox, it’s important to first understand the technology that powers them. To make distributed ledger technology useful for business cases, CoreLedger developed the Token Economy Operating System, a versatile holistic solution for anyone interested in digitization. It makes the creation and administration of digital assets simple and secure, allowing them to be easily converted and exchanged globally, all of which can be done through our suite of white label products that come bundled with the Active Sandbox.

Token Economy Essentials

The four mechanisms you need to work with digital assets (aka Tokens) are Documentation, Tokenization, Governance, and Trading. CoreLedger TEOS implements all these token economy essentials seamlessly. In addition, TEOS offers two technological advantages to your projects; our patent-pending TokenWARP protocol and a powerful API to develop custom tools.

Documentation allows you to record all information about an asset (which can be anything) and anchor its proof of authenticity on the blockchain. The timestamp, author signature, and fingerprint (hash) immutably prove who documented what and when. 

Tokenization adds a quantifiable substance to a digital asset. When tokenizing a digital asset, you can choose a unit of measure, which is usually a real-life unit such as kilograms, or simply use pieces, counts, or Tokens. Account for positive and negative interest rates and storage costs without violating the fundamental principles of blockchain and property rights.

Governance is executed on the blockchain level and adds rules and restrictions to the use of digital assets. In its simplest forms, these are Whitelists and Blacklists, making KYC and AML processes possible directly on chain. Due to the nature of blockchain, these rules cannot be bent or broken.

A token economy can only truly thrive if it is liquid. CoreLedger has invented a completely new method of trading, which is based on linking offers to each other and forming instantaneous transaction sequences. This trading method, called TokenWARP, is essential for creating thriving ecosystems.

A revolutionary, patent-pending technology, Token WARP takes barter economies into the future by enabling complex transaction sequences to be completed instantaneously. In practice, this allows virtually anything to be exchanged, improving liquidity and access to global trade.

All CORELEDGER TEOS products can be accessed via our API that lets you develop any kind of app, software, or tool that interacts with blockchain. While the white label suite lets you use all of CORELEDGER TEOS features through a graphical user interface, the API allows you to develop your own tools.