The Active Sandbox

Everyone says blockchain technology is the future, but knowing how to leverage blockchain, or even where to start, can be daunting. Our mission is to make blockchain adoption as easy as possible. With our Active Sandbox, CoreLedger provides a safe, affordable, and realistic environment for businesses to test and optimize their blockchain use cases using our full suite of white label products.


Adapt your business


Adapting your current business to blockchain isn’t exactly cut and paste. There are kinks to be worked out that can be expensive and problematic on a productive blockchain, where everything is permanent. A proof-of-concept might also be needed to get a stakeholder to buy-into your company or to attract investors for early stage projects. Getting investors to buy-in is much easier with a real product that can be demonstrated live, instead of using the same old powerpoint presentations as everyone else. Our Active Sandbox lets you build and test your blockchain ideas without writing a single line of code. And when you're ready to move to a productive blockchain, we take care of all the technical stuff. Leveraging blockchain has never been easier!


The Active Sandbox is comprised of a suite of three white label ready products that give you total control over a token economy. Manage a complete Token lifecycle with our WLM, set up a webshop for your tokens with the WLP, and keep customizable wallet for your tokens in your pocket with the WLA. These applications all come bundled together, and we provide training and apply your custom branding. 


This suite of white label products covers the full range of token economy needs. It allows you to start with a physical value, convert it into a digital one, and then trade, manage, store, and convert the digital value back into a physical one. 


The White Label Marketplace is the central tool in CoreLedger‘s architecture, giving users powerful token life-cycle management and admin options.

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The White Label App is a mobile application designed to fulfill a variety of needs for CORELEDGER TEOS end–users, offering flexible functionality and access to the custom digital assets created through the WLM. 

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The White Label Portal completes the suite, acting as a web-shop for tokens, bridging the gap between real and tokenized assets.

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Who is the Active Sandbox for?


With its low costs and real blockchain environment, the Active Sandbox is the perfect tool for startups to quickly and affordably develop a functioning proof-of-concept, an important step for attracting investment. 

Has your business been looking for a competitive advantage in blockchain technology? The Active Sandbox is a risk-free environment perfect for developing new solutions to add to your existing business.

The Active Sandbox is the perfect teaching and learning tool for advanced blockchain education, and has already been implemented in graduate programs in Switzerland. Students get to use a real blockchain environment without all the cost and “risk” of a productive chain.

The Active Sandbox is an easy-to-use, risk free, affordable turnkey solution. It’s an industry first product and absolutely the easiest, cheapest way to start using blockchain technology, whether you’re a passionate hobbyist or a Fortune 500 company.