Blockchain transactions are only possible if they are cryptographically signed. Although this sounds like a complex thing (which it is on a programmatic level) we have made the process simple and secure throughout our products. With this simple mobile interface tool, you can store your private keys and check, allow, or reject transactions. 


What can you use TX.Mobile for?

  • Sign transactions
  • Administrate an unlimited number of wallets
  • Activate cold-wallets
  • Store your tokens


Blockchain technology requires cryptography and digital signatures for every on-chain action. This sounds complex, and it is. For that reason, CoreLedger has created an infrastructure that makes these complex processes simple to use. CoreLedger’s TX.Services work like a notary service. You tell the infrastructure what you want to do on the blockchain through a graphical user interface. The service infrastructure then creates an unsigned raw transaction, like a lawyer writing a contract for you, which you then just have to sign.  

TX.Services are integrated seamlessly into all our products to spare the user from all the technical hassle, so that all you’ve got to do when interacting with the blockchain is to simply approve or reject transactions with TX.Mobile.