TEOS Platform

The CoreLedger TEOS Platform is our core product offering. It is a modular, extendable platform-as-a-service built to enable companies to take advantage of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Customers can combine our platform components to create the perfect solution for their particular use case and business model. Whether you require an off-the-shelf blockchain product or a fully custom, no-compromise, enterprise-grade DLT solution - the TEOS Platform provides all the technology and infrastructure you'll need.

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Digital Transformation for Enterprises

Why TEOS Platform?

To make distributed ledger technology useful and accessible for business cases, CoreLedger developed an extensive enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure. The TEOS Platform puts all that technology and development work right into customers’ hands, empowering them to quickly and affordably assemble bespoke solutions for their business or to use one of our templates. This powerful and versatile platform is ideal for enterprises exploring digitalization and has been designed from the ground up to give businesses all the tools they need to build the perfect custom solution.

Parts of an Enterprise Blockchain Project

What is the TEOS Platform?

The TEOS Platform includes the TEOS API and our suite of ready-to-use white label components. The TEOS API can be used to extend and integrate the platform’s technology into existing applications, or to quickly build a completely custom solution. The white label components gives both administrators and end-users no-code access to the four blockchain technology essentials and offers a template to launch your own app. Whichever combination of platform components you choose, you’ll be using our technology as a foundation to save considerable time and money throughout the life of your project.

What Can You Build?

The TEOS Platform is designed to be as versatile and flexible as possible. Many business cases can be served entirely with our no-code white label suite. We’ve used these components to integrate or explore DLT solutions for companies in Fintech, Supply Chain & Logistics, Mining, Agriculture, Cybersecurity, Real Estate, the Art Market, and more. For those that need additional functionality beyond the white label suite, the TEOS API can fill any gaps. You can read more about some of the best uses for blockchain on our blog. To see how your business can take advantage of the TEOS Platform contact us and let’s discuss.

Platform Components



The WLM is a powerful administration tool with a simple user interface that grants access to all 4 blockchain technology essentials.
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The WLA can be used as a template to quickly create custom mobile apps, saving you time and money on both development and maintenence.
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The WLP is a versatile web interface for end-users. It is ideal for redeeming or selling assets, accessing KYC functionality, or even as a front-end for supply chain & logistics applications.
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The TEOS API is our core platform component designed for enterprises. It provides full access to all of the TEOS platform’s functionality, enabling you to quickly build custom applications on top of our extensive blockchain infrastructure.
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Features & Benefits

     Huge cost savings from our extensive blockchain infrastructure
    Includes proprietary technologies like TokenWARP

Blockchain agnostic      

     3rd Party integrations available
        Available in Active Sandbox mode


   Various hosting options


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