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CoreLedger is a blockchain infrastructure company building tools and resources for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re looking to quickly build a proof-of-concept, or develop an enterprise-grade application. All of our solutions are built on our Token Economy Operating System platform that we call CORELEDGER TEOS.


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We are the experts in all matters of precious metals. It is a big advantage that we do not have to become experts in token economics and blockchain technology and can leave that part to CoreLedger. After two weeks of which the legal clarification took most of the time everything was set up and our token was ready for trading.

Domenic Parli

Finemetal AG

The Active Sandbox has been a great tool in the early stages of my startup. It helps me be more convincing by allowing me to show something tangible to prospective partners. Without being able to show a live proof-of-concept, this task would be harder and I would need a lot more time to achieve my objectives.

Daniel Alvarez

Standard Brick

It’s a real pleasure working with CoreLedger as a development partner. We leverage various functions of their Token Economy Operating System for use in our applications, from the initial token issuing to custom functionalities that were developed specifically for some of our business cases. We have been impressed by CoreLedger’s proficiency in tokenization and blockchain technology. They are a trustworthy, competent associate that provides reliable results and productive collaboration.

Veronika Olesik

Innowise Group

CoreLedger’s Active Sandbox was instrumental in helping us understand blockchain technology by experimenting with it to find the best methods for storing “core” information about our livestock, such as medical and feed history, as well as tracing them from farm to plate. CoreLedger's passion for their product is clear in the way they supported us, navigating our challenges and quickly finding the right solutions for us.

Pieter De Wet


The Finka token results from the collaboration with the most relevant players in Switzerland’s Crypto Valley, including CoreLedger, who provides the token and blockchain platform that makes everything work. It’s fair to say that Finka Token is a byproduct of the dynamic innovation environment within the Crypto Valley ecosystem.

Carlos H. Fernandez Mazzi

Finka GmbH

CoreLedger saved us a lot of time and money on the development. We were able to start showcasing our ideas almost immediately without having to write a single line of code.

Urban Scherer

Swic Digital Gateway

The Active Sandbox allowed us to show our vision, onboard investors, and excite potential clients without the usual time-consuming and financial burdens related to starting a project from scratch. Affordability and time savings were the initial reasons we selected the Active Sandbox, but the platform’s ease-of-use made it simple for all our team members to actively participate in the technical parts of our project, which strengthened team building and inclusive collaboration.

Matthias Meyer Lutterloh


CoreLedger, with their deep knowledge of tokenization, is a great partner to discuss token economy solutions with. Issuing a token through TEOS is a convenient way to have an asset both in today's ERC-20 world, where one can use exchange protocols like Uniswap, and CoreLedger's own platform, through which our WARP enabled token can be traded for anything else. CoreLedger even made it easy to fulfill compliance obligations by building relevant functions right into TEOS.

Vahan Roth

Real Unit Schweiz AG

Coreledger’s support has been more than just an important part of our journey, it has been critical to our success. Using the Active Sandbox allowed us to quickly build a functioning prototype at an affordable price, making a tangible proof-of-concept for our customers and investors to showcase what we want to do on a global scale.

Paulo Gazzano


After evaluating several other options, we were convinced that CoreLedger should provide the services and infrastructure for our project. During the process of product development, we received timely support and valuable input from the development team at CoreLedger. With this partnership we are able to develop our product on a reliable infrastructure and speed up the development.

Thomas Friedrich

Ambitorio AG