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With the invention of Decentralized Ledger Technology, many opportunities have been opened to us in various sectors. Businesses can leverage the benefits of DLT to reduce costs and improve processes, individuals can benefit from the full ownership of their own assets and make transactions directly with another party.

  • Fast adoption and seamless transition
  • Full-ownership and control over individual assets
  • Direct transactions with other parties in a trustless environment

Our products

Token Economy Operating System


For businesses looking for a reliable partner to build bespoke, sturdy P2P infrastructure, we have developed a highly customizable, proven system. Our P2P infrastructure works with a broad spectrum of business logic use-cases. By building new functions at the blockchain-level, we offer high-level flexibility and versatility. With this option, companies can truly own, manage and run their marketplace while benefiting from our expertise and consultation.

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White-Label Marketplace


For businesses looking for the rapid development of a stable, secure and fully functioning online interface, our white-label marketplace offers an excellent solution. It comes with a global digital-asset directory (DocumentDB), our multi-party asset search and matching tool (WARP), and an assortment of functions to suit all manners of business models. It is a highly efficient plug-and-play solution, allowing businesses to quickly tokenize and sell their assets with little-to-no cost.

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Why CoreLedger?

Unique in-house developed technology

Exclusive CoreLedger software developed and optimized in-house

Functionality that dramatically increases transaction rates

Unique tech solutions with time-stamp recording of digital-asset information


Extensive DLT expertise

Highly dependable, fast-to-implement products

Expert guidance and consultation from industry professionals

Customized solutions based on client business needs


Professional team

Experienced and trustworthy blockchain specialists

Track record of success covering a multitude of related industries

Promises met, reliably and professionally


Get to know us

Providing truly practical, reliable blockchain solutions requires a remarkable team. CoreLedger’s specialists are dedicated and passionate; these are the people shaping the future of CoreLedger.

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