Token Sale

& Digital Asset Shop

A token sale is a convenient way to raise capital for a startup, an existing enterprise, or just a new project. Most of the early crypto startups were funded this way. Due to regulatory requirements, a token sale needs certain preconditions to be met and has to comply with the regulatory framework of the jurisdiction in which the token will be sold (usually the country of your enterprise).

Token Sale or Token Shop

Token Sale Considerations

There are plenty of viable use-cases where a Token Sale makes sense, however there are important considerations to be made about the audience. In general, asset backed tokens are seen as more “serious” by investors, as opposed to the speculative tokens that are hyped on social media. But just because a token has an asset backing it does not mean that it will be taken seriously. On the contrary, token sales need something extra to convince investors these days.

More than Funding

A creative new model such as the Revenue Participation solution, combined with an app, are a great way to attract investors and handle investment returns more efficiently than paying dividends. Web shops for tokenized commodities (to lock in the price and get delivery later) where you utilize purchase and redemption is another example. You could also use a solution for conveniently moving tokens from one blockchain to another or as a platform for crowd funding. Aside from funding, tokens can be used for voting or to unlock digital repositories. Whatever your ultimate goal, the Token Shop is a convenient tool for providing your users with a way to obtain and use these digital artifacts.

What does a typical project look like?


With Token Sales, a large part of the discovery phase is consumed with legal and regulatory clarification. Our Legal and Regulatory partners can assist you. An Active Sandbox is helpful during the discovery phase if the Token Sale is combined with other digital assets or documents that need showcasing, or if you want to get an understanding of how Non-Fungible-Assets work. It will also help to see the governance feature in action and to work with whitelists and blacklists. Once you have a green light from the regulatory authorities, all that’s needed is a little design effort. We recommend a Token Card for people unfamiliar with blockchain technology as a simple way to reach a large group of potential investors. Designing the Token Card and getting the graphics ready for the Token Sale page is normally a matter of a few business days.


No development is typically needed, other than the minting of your Token and the creation of your Token Sale page. This development can be done by any skilled HTML developer and doesn’t require blockchain expertise. The Token minting is done via the White Label Management Tool. A simple user-license is sufficient to create your digital asset and mint tokens.

Go Live

When you’re ready to launch, your Token Sale page (WLP) will go online. You will need a productive TEOS Platform subscription to publish.


Your White Label Portal will constantly receive updates and will be hosted and maintained by us as long as you need it. Usually, a Token Sale is limited in time. Once you reach your funding goals you can end the subscription.

Benefits of using CoreLedger TEOS for your token sale


The Governance feature is a cornerstone for creating compliant securities and can be used as a convenient way to recover lost/stolen tokens for your investors.


The Governance feature is key to getting regulatory approval. All the digital assets on the TEOS platform can be fitted with governance smart contracts (out-of-the-box or custom), at any time. You can even “retrofit” an already minted token on TEOS if the needs arises!


The White Label Portal supports both the purchase and redemption of tokens. It can be used as an OTC frontend or for a large variety of possible use-cases beyond the Token Sale.


If you do a Token Sale on the TEOS Platform, your digital assets can tap into an ever-growing ecosystem of blockchain applications., Your token can have a wide variety of options accessible later.

Low effort

There is no development cost except for a custom HTML page and graphics of the Token Sale page.

Quick setup

Existing integration with a Credit Card provider, Crypto Payment Service Provider, as well as a KYC/AML service provider. You can start right away without any additional development.

Exclusive functionality

All Tokens created on the CoreLedger TEOS Platform are connected to our patent-pending DeFi technology. You can choose whether you want to use this option or not.

No risk

You can end the subscription at any time, no strings attached.

We recommend that you get clarification from a legal advisor on whether your business idea requires regulatory approval or not.