Custom Token

Issue a high-end, next-gen token with CoreLedger's Custom Token tool. 

Create a token without typing a single line of code, then link it to a variety of external wallets and tools or use it across platforms. Take advantage of our administration tools including tokenization, governance, and documentation features. You can easily mint or destroy tokens, black and whitelist wallets, distribute tokens, and more. Custom Tokens are available in an affordable subscription that includes lifecycle management tools and maintenance. 



Our Custom Token makes your digital assets future-proof, liquid, and more usable in general. 

It allows you to connect assets you've created on the CoreLedger TEOS platform with a plethora of existing ERC-20 wallets and tools. You can also trade these tokens using our revolutionary TokenWARP protocol.

The Custom Token makes your assets future proof, allowing you to migrate your tokens to a different standard without losing their history or token accounts. These tokens are compliant with the current standards (e.g. ERC-20) on the Ethereum blockchain and are ready to be adapted to potential new standards which might emerge. We also offer native support for NFT creation.

Custom Token
per month*
$1400 one-time installation fee
Special discounts for multi-year contracts possible


  • One-stop solution: no need to create or audit your smart contract.
  • Ready-to-go: can be used and traded on existing wallets and exchanges.
  • Lifecycle management: support & control for your tokens over their lifespan.
  • Easy-to-use: administration, bookkeeping, and compliance are all included.
  • No surprises: our subscription-based pricing model covers maintenance fees.
  • Future proof solution: functionality even if token standards change.
  • Fast-track: implementation in just a few hours.