Rapid Prototyping

and PoC’s

Blockchain is a new technology, and it can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to work with, especially for early-stage projects and startups. With our rapid prototyping environment, you can quickly achieve working results to present to investors and decision-makers, typically without writing a single line of code. 

Rapid prototyping

Difficulties of Blockchain Development

Starting a project from scratch, defining its scope, building the infrastructure, and designing a UX are incredibly costly and time-consuming. Blockchain technology makes this more difficult because of its immutability. Working with blockchain can be like sketching with permanent ink. But seeing actual blockchain software in action before the final solution is designed is a great way to avoid caveats and ensure a great end result.

While many people see the value of blockchain technology only in creating financial products, we have proven that there are many other use cases that add value to businesses. Our modular approach makes the Active Sandbox extremely valuable, for universities and schools that teach blockchain technology because it allows students to play with the essential blockchain features and try out their ideas without writing code. Another prominent use-case is for startups or project ideas within companies is to get stakeholder buy-in or to attract investors/sponsors. All these use cases have one thing in common: showcasing ideas on blockchain without actually leaving artifacts in a productive environment that can make you subject to regulation or incur problems if these artifacts get into the wrong hands. Because everything that is created on blockchain stays on blockchain. Ultimately, you and your potential investors get to see your ideas in action in a live blockchain environment, at the lowest possible cost.  

What does a typical project look like?


Setting up the Active Sandbox is quite easy because it has no preconditions – legal or regulatory – and doesn’t require an existing catalog of features and stories or a design. We just need some basic information from you to rebrand the Sandbox, build the App, and to grant the project stakeholders access to all parts of the Sandbox. If you need help with a certain business idea and want your Active Sandbox to reflect the idea as much as possible without coding we offer our Consulting Services. The most popular offering is the “Exploration Package”, as it already comes with an Active Sandbox, which we get configured to your needs.


There is no actual development. It just takes a few business days to get everything ready for you, to test the setup and get your App to Testflight/AppCenter. Typically, your sandbox is ready in less than 8 business days.

Go Live

When the Active Sandbox is ready we do a handover workshop that includes Administrator training and making you familiar with the options and functions. Our comprehensive manuals provide additional information.


As long as you’re subscribed to the Active Sandbox you will receive updates to all platform components, and notifications about new developments.

Benefits of using CoreLedger TEOS for prototyping


The Active Sandbox is the most economical way to define a blockchain project and/or get hands-on experience with real blockchain software and use cases. The Active Sandbox costs 5’900 CHF and is a fully functional blockchain solution, embedded into an existing ecosystem. There are no transaction costs or other fees. In contrast, you might pay a 100’000 CHF and upwards for a barely functional PoC without an ecosystem.

No Risk

The subscription is on a monthly basis. No strings attached, you can end it at any time.


The TEOS Platform takes a use-case-neutral generic approach and implements all those features and functions that really make sense to have on blockchain. This makes it ideal for educational purposes.


Partner products (e.g. BCDOCUDEMO for showcasing documentation and notarization on blockchain) are available for free, and the list of these products will grow over time.


All Active Sandbox environments are connected to the same blockchain instance and give you a realistic experience of interactivity and connectivity, especially when your project idea is centered around one or many Tokens and you want to see an ecosystem in action.

Cutting edge

We provide plenty of “liquidity” within the Sandbox ecosystem, that lets you experience the power of the TokenWARP.

Start immediately

The Active Sandbox runs in an environment that is by definition non-productive. But, you can try out everything with zero restrictions, even use cases that would otherwise require licenses and permits in a live environment with no waiting time for your ideas, and no legal advisory needed.

Please note that the Active Sandbox is not available for productive use and may only be used for prototyping, showcasing, education, and similar use-cases.