In an integrated and globalized world, companies increasingly rely on digital tools and processes to connect and do business. Industries that want to take advantage of this evolution face the prospect of digitalizing their existing processes or even coming up with new ones. Blockchain technology unlocks new opportunities for analog, traditional, or physical product companies to digitalize, reaching new customers around the world and future-proofing their businesses through digital transformation.

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Enterprise blockchain for digital transformation

Blockchain technology is all about building trust. We’ve identified four core blockchain technology features that are central to both digitalization and promoting trust, which makes them particularly valuable for businesses. These four features are: Documentation, Accounting, Governance, and Value conversion. The TEOS Platform was designed to enable businesses to quickly and easily use these four essential features of blockchain technology. But we also offer solutions that are specifically of interest for companies pursuing digitalization. These flexible no-code tools are ideal for enterprises that want to expand their borders, explore new business opportunities, and reach new customers thanks to the trust and digital flexibility made possible by blockchain technology.

White Label Suite

The white label suite makes up part of our TEOS Platform’s modular components. This suite of three re-brandable no-code tools puts all of the blockchain technology essentials at your fingertips. Our white label tools are extremely flexible. You can use them to document and tokenize physical assets, build marketplaces or token economies, or even as a management portal for supply chain & logistics tracking. The white label mobile app can also be used as a template to quickly build your own blockchain app. See our white label suite in action in the demo below.

Custom Token

The Custom Token is our simple, off-the-shelf token solution. With built-in token lifecycle management, no smart contract setup, and no-fuss subscription pricing (that includes maintenance!) it’s the easiest way to get a reliable ERC-20 token up and running. Used in conjunction with our other platform components, the Custom Token allows you to connect the assets you’ve created on the CoreLedger TEOS platform with a plethora of existing ERC-20 wallets and tools. You can also trade these tokens using our revolutionary TokenWARP protocol.

Token Card

The Token Card is the easiest way for many businesses to start exploring blockchain technology. Each Token Card is essentially a wallet, which can be preloaded with tokens or used by customers to accumulate and spend tokens. This solution is ideal for retail companies to run promotional campaigns using the marketing power of blockchain technology, or for larger enterprises and conglomerates to launch loyalty programs in a format that customers are already familiar with. The tokens loaded onto the card can even be traded using our TokenWARP protocol. The Token Card is a physical gateway to the world of digital assets, adding value and opening previously impossible opportunities for customers without any of the clunkiness usually associated with tokens. Read more about exploring novel business models with the token card on our blog, and contact us using the form below to talk about using this simple solution.