White Label App

The White Label App (WLA) is a smartphone application, available on both Android and iOS, that has been designed to fulfill the needs of CORELEDGER TEOS end-users.



  • Wallet functionality and overview of your assets; 
  • Point-of-Sale functionality to create payment requests or invoices; 
  • Market functionality to buy and sell tokens on the device through supplies and TokenWARPs on a decentralized marketplace; 
  • QR code scanner to import from Token Cards, read accounts, verify account addresses and much more. 


The app is fully configurable with your desired digital assets, their description and units of measure. The entire look and feel can be adjusted to your desired corporate identity and design. 

Just like the WLM, the WLA can be fully branded, customized, and configured. You can also set the Assets that your users will have at their disposal and are available on the marketplace for trading. In addition, it can create payment requests, import assets from Token Cards or be used to create and power digital communities, which transact in any token of their choice. 


What can you do with the WLA? 

  • Use as Point-of-Sale device; 
  • Store your assets; 
  • Use for Barter trading; 
  • End-user device for a custom decentralized marketplace or exchange.

Like all our white label products, you can use them as-is; or, by starting from the SDK, everything can be easily customized, adapted, and extended. Our software partners will assist you with any of your wishes.