Choosing a blockchain is one of the biggest decisions a company needs to make when considering a platform provider. Our platform can be adapted to just about any blockchain your company chooses, in addition to the options we currently offer.

Blockchains 1

TEOS Platform comes on Ethereum & SparkNet

Ethereum is the industry standard when it comes to blockchain protocols. It is the largest and most popular blockchain infrastructure, and widely used for both enterprise, dApp, and crypto transactions. While it’s ubiquity makes it a no brainer, it does suffer from potential transaction bottlenecks, and a fluctuating gas price that may make it cost prohibitive for some business uses.

SparkNet was developed in conjunction with CoreLedger to be a high-speed, low-cost network for our Active Sandbox solution. We needed more throughput and lower, more reliable gas fees than Ethereum could provide. SparkNet is free for Active Sandbox users and allows them to make as many transactions as they need at no additional cost.

Blockchain Agnostic

We built the CoreLedger TEOS platform to be blockchain “agnostic,” meaning it can be adapted to practically any blockchain. So far, we are prepared to adapt the TEOS platform to run on Polygon, Avalanche, Hyperledger, Cardano, and Binance Smart Chain. We are also approved to run on China’s BSN. This adaptation can be done on request, depending on your specific needs. If you would like to run our platform on a blockchain other than Ethereum or SparkNet, contact us and let’s discuss.