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Five years ago, a blockchain project typically meant selling a smart contract (a Token) to raise money for a larger project. For a brief period, these ICOs were everywhere, and the lack of experienced blockchain developers gave early movers in this space a significant edge. Today, however, blockchain projects are very different animals. Tokens are just a tiny piece of an ever-growing puzzle, while ICOs, STOs, and token sales have become tough sells in a jaded market. The focus has changed, and blockchain technology is finally being recognized as a serious enterprise tool. But for businesses to effectively harness the advantages of this new technology, they need middleware to connect the increasingly complex and capable world of blockchain infrastructure with their frontend.

Over the past few years, the blockchain space has changed dramatically with new protocols, innovations, and players. To effectively deliver and maintain an enterprise-grade blockchain project today, software developers need a large team of experts who know the technology inside and out and can keep up with this rapidly evolving space. This need for expertise and resources can come at a heavy cost to the end customer, impacting a developer’s competitiveness, particularly if blockchain is not their specialty.

That’s why we created an extensible infrastructure that can deliver all the key features businesses need in a blockchain ecosystem, at a low cost. We take care of the maintenance and keep the solutions up to date with new protocols, tools, and services. We also built white label products that can be used as templates for developers to quickly customize and resell.

We enable ANY SOFTWARE COMPANY to start offering their customers a blockchain project right away.

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