TokenWARP® is CoreLedger's visionary patent-pending technological solution to create seamless value conversions in a single atomic transaction. By taking full advantage of the unique opportunities made possible by distributed ledger technology and digitization, TokenWARP opens up new doors for businesses.

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What is TokenWARP?

TokenWARP is a proprietary protocol that is baked into the TEOS Platform. First designed as an elegant solution to solve the issue of trading on a global scale, TokenWARP essentially makes any digital asset tradable for any other. By intelligently routing complex trade paths, increasing liquidity with virtual trade pairs, and executing everything seamlessly through atomic swaps, TokenWARP essentially makes physical location and asset type irrelevant. By combining these features into creative new use cases, companies now have options that were previously impossible. While TokenWARP was designed specifically for barter economies and complex trade ecosystems, all of which can be built using our TEOS Platform, the technology also enables novel business models so that companies can stay fully compliant while working with digital assets.

What can you do with TokenWARP?

There are many use cases that can benefit from, or are made possible by, TokenWARP technology’s three core features.

Atomic Swaps

The TokenWARP can combine selling, currency exchange, and buying into a single atomic transaction. This has huge implications for commodity trading, supply chain & logistics, and more. The atomic nature of the transaction means that all of the necessary intermediate transactions happen at once, or no transaction takes place at all.

Improving Liquidity Through Sharing & Smart Allocation

TokenWARP makes assets directly tradable without the need for a dedicated orderbook. The liquidity of trade pairs along the WARP path is shared with otherwise illiquid assets.

Intelligent Trade Routing Algorithms

TokenWARP solves the problem of finding a matching trade-counterparty in global barter transactions by creating virtual (ad-hoc) connections between tokenized assets, routing a path of trade pairs until it reaches the asset you want. This essentially makes any asset in the ecosystem tradable for any other.
Routing values like the internet routes dataGlobal Barter

New possibilities for businesses

TokenWARP keeps businesses compliant while taking full advantage of digital assets. Industries that are particularly well suited to this technology include supply chain & logistics, which can take advantage of location swaps, and fintech, which can use TokenWARP as a SWIFT alternative. If you think your company could benefit from our technology, or you’re interested in exploring a novel use case, contact us and let’s discuss.