CoreLedger’s technology was first prototyped in the summer of 2016 by a passionate group of blockchain enthusiasts who went on to establish CoreLedger AG in March, 2017. We chose Liechtenstein as our home base, as the country’s pioneering “Blockchain Act” makes it one of the best locations in Europe for blockchain startups. In December, 2017 we opened CoreLedger Labs LLC just over the border in Zug, Switzerland, a global hub for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech innovation. The software development for all our core components is exclusively done by our team in Switzerland, where we benefit from the vibrant “Crypto Valley” community.
Since the very beginning, CoreLedger’s mission has been to help businesses of all sizes harness the incredible potential of blockchain technology. Take a look at our past 5 years of milestones to see how far we’ve come.


Management Team

Our company is headed by a passionate team of experts.

Johannes Schweifer Chief Executive Officer
Johannes Schweifer holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Distributed Computing and Quantum Chemistry from the Technical University of Vienna. He is a passionate problem solver and a builder. Johannes is known as a serial blockchain entrepreneur, having founded and co-founded several blockchain startups in Crypto Valley. He was co-founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG in 2013 and created its first backbone infrastructure with banking and accounting, actively serving until 2016. In 2017 he founded CoreLedger AG to pursue blockchain ideas beyond financial and speculative use cases. He is actively using blockchain technology to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges and showcasing the true value of blockchain with practical applications.
Martin Simeon Finance & Controlling
Martin Simeon is a senior business executive with longstanding experience leading international M&A projects, advisor to executive boards, experience in both private SME’s and public firms. He holds an MBA of SUNY and is Founder of Simeon Consulting GmbH. At CoreLedger Martin oversees our budget and provides our financial reports.
Jevgeny 002
Jevgeny Fedorovich Head of IT
Jevgeny Fedorovich holds a Masters degree in Information Technology and can count on 15 years of working experience in the IT industry. As head of IT at CoreLedger, which Jevgeny co-founded in 2017, he is responsible for software development, the infrastructure and all related IT initiatives. Rich experience in different enterprise projects and roles (as a developer, architect or project manager) allows him to have a broad strategic view to the software development processes in the company.

Advisory Board

David Ishag CEO of Beaurivage Finance SA
David Ishag has spent over 30 years in Private Banking, Private Equity, and at the forefront of the Mobile and Online Marketing Industries. David's experience includes employment, partnership, and directorships with financial institutions such as Barclays Merchant Bank, BZW in London, Republic National Bank of New York, Union Bancaire Privée in Geneva, and Y2K Finance, a USD 2 billion quoted company on the Irish Stock Exchange. He served as Vice Chairman & Chief Investment Officer of Wharton Asset Management (Bermuda) with USD 15 billion AUM. David was Founder and Chairman of the award-winning wireless Pogo Technology Limited, as well as the Founder and Chairman of Espotting Media, sold in 2004 for USD 170 Million. David is a tenacious and resilient entrepreneur with a robust network in EMEA and China.
Spiros Margaris Margaris Ventures
Spiros Margaris is a venture capitalist, futurist, keynote speaker, board member and senior advisor to several companies. Two of the fintech startups he advised have become unicorns (with valuations of over $1 billion). He is the first international influencer to achieve ‘The Triple Crown’ ranking. He was ranked the No. 1 international FinTech, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) influencer (05/2018) by Onalytica. Spiros once again was ranked the No. 1 global FinTech influencer (02/2020) by Onalytica. He was ranked the No. 1 Finance Influencer (08/2020) by Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters). He was, for the third time, included in the ‘Top Artificial Intelligence Influencers to Follow’ (03/2021) by MarkTechPost. He regularly appears in the top three positions of established global industry influencer rankings.


September 2021

First Commercial White Label App Launches

NOTRZR, the first commercial project based on our White Label App template, is launched by Notardec GmbH. It allows users to document pictures, files, events, or facts on blockchain and link them to digital assets, making a seamless proof-of-authenticity/ proof-of-origin possible on blockchain.

July 2021

Expansion of the Software Partner Program

Innowise Group and Pixelplex join the CoreLedger Software Partner program.

April 2021


The CORELEDGER TEOS API is now available. Developer release v0.1 can now be acquired through our Software Partner program.

December 2020

KYC & Crypto Payment Integration

KYC processes and Bitcoin payments are integrated into the Active Sandbox, and the redemption mechanisms support physical delivery. The White Label Portal can now bridge the last remaining gap between tokens and the real world.

August 2020

White Label Portal

We released the White Label Portal (WLP), completing the CORELEDGER TEOS suite. The Active Sandbox now comes bundled with all 3 White Label products

May 2020

Active Sandbox Launched

We started providing our now complete infrastructure for Active Sandbox projects, enabling companies of all sizes to start using blockchain quickly and affordably to test and develop their solutions.

April 2020

SDK for custom development

We began onboarding software partners who will use our SDK to build their own blockchain apps.

March 2020

White Label App

We added a second product to our white label suite, the White Label App (WLA).

December 2019

White Label Marketplace

Our White Label Marketplace (WLM) opened to customers, allowing them to create and administrate digital assets.

September 2019

First commercial customer project

Our first commercial customer project used blockchain for accounting the micro-value-transfers of a municipal service.

April 2019

bd300 app launches

We launched our first fully integrated product, a mobile game created by TRIOB AG to celebrate the 300 year anniversary of Liechtenstein.

November 2018

First partner integrates API

Ambitorio AG became the first company to integrate the CORELEDGER TEOS API into its product. 

December 2017

TokenWARP Patent Submited

CoreLedger Labs LLC was incorporated in Switzerland's Crypto Valley to develop our software solutions, and submitted a patent application for our TokenWARP technology.

March 2017

CoreLedger AG is established in Liechtenstein


First CoreLedger prototype