CoreLedger’s technology was first prototyped in the summer of 2016 by a group of blockchain enthusiasts who would go on to establish CoreLedger AG in March 2017. We chose Liechtenstein as our domicile after a careful assessment of the regulatory environment, which makes the country one of the best locations for blockchain startups.  

The software development for all our core components is exclusively done in Switzerland by CoreLedger Labs LLC, founded in December 2017. The company operates co-working office spaces in Baar, Switzerland and Vaduz, Liechtenstein. 



Management Team

Our company is headed by experts in their field of profession.


Johannes Schweifer

Chief Executive Officer

Johannes Schweifer holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Distributed Computing and Quantum Chemistry from the Technical University of Vienna. He is a passionate problem solver and a builder. Johannes is known as a serial blockchain entrepreneur, having founded and co-founded several blockchain startups in Crypto Valley. He was co-founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG in 2013 and created its first backbone infrastructure with banking and accounting, actively serving until 2016. In 2017 he founded CoreLedger AG to pursue blockchain ideas beyond financial and speculative use cases. He is actively using blockchain technology to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges and showcasing the true value of blockchain with practical applications.

Martin Simeon

Finance & Controlling

Martin Simeon is a senior business executive with longstanding experience leading international M&A projects, advisor to executive boards, experience in both private SME’s and public firms. He holds an MBA of SUNY and is Founder of Simeon Consulting GmbH. At CoreLedger Martin oversees our budget and provides our financial reports.

Stefan Latzer

Senior Solution Architect

Stefan Latzer is a self-taught software developer, with formal computer science studies. Soon after the completion of his formal training, he started his own company developing IT solutions for businesses, from SMEs to large corporations. His wide range of knowledge in the IT sector helps to connect businesses with technological solutions. Stefan co-founded CoreLedger in 2017. At CoreLedger, Stefan is responsible for the blockchain integration, its underlying security framework and is making sure that only the most reliable and versatile solutions are being offered to our customers.

Short history

Prototype CoreLedger
March 2017
est. CoreLedger AG in Liechtenstein
CoreLedger Labs LLC for Software Development

We submitted a patent application for the Token WARP technology and subsequently presented the alpha version to an audience from across the banking and asset management sectors in greater Zug and Zürich. 

December 2017
November 2018
Ambitorio becomes the first partner to integrate API

We started a partnership with Ambitorio AG, which became the first company to integrate the CORELEDGER TEOS API into its product. 

Fully Integrated Product

Saw the launch of the first fully integrated product, a mobile game celebrating the 300 year anniversary of the principality of Liechtenstein, created by TRIOB AG.  

April 2019
September 2019
First commercial customer project

Our first commercial customer project used blockchain for accounting the micro-value-transfers of a municipal service.

White Label Marketplace

Our White Label Marketplace (WLM) opened to customers, allowing them to create and administrate digital assets. 

December 2019
January 2020
Crypto Assets Directory & Token Card

We launched the Crypto Assets Directory, our first partner project desinged to illustrate one of blockchain’s most powerful features tamperproof documentation. 

The TokenCard, another tool designed to make life easier for those learning to navigate the physical-digital crossover of blockchain technology, was also launched in January 2020. 

White Label App

We added a second product to our white label suite, the White Label App (WLA), and signed a partnership to provide CORELEDGER TEOS as middleware for a financial services product. 

March 2020
April 2020
SDK for custom development

We started onboarding software partners who can use our SDK’s to build their own blockchain apps and portals.  

Started offering Active Sandboxes

We started providing our now complete infrastructure for Active Sandbox projects, enabling companies of all sizes to start using blockchain quickly and affordably to test and develop their solutions. 

May 2020
August 2020
White Label Portal launched

We released the White Label Portal (WLP), completing the CORELEDGER TEOS suite.