We offer an API that lets you develop any kind of app, software, or tool that interacts with blockchain. While the suite of white label products that come bundled with the Active Sandbox let you access all of our CORELEDGER TEOS infrastructures features, the API allows to develop your own tools. Think of it as a programmatic entry-point into token economies that can bridge all currently imaginable gaps between our Active Sandbox's standard functionalities and your project’s additional needs. 

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With the CORELEDGER TEOS API, you can develop custom UI solutions using our toolbox of functions to document, tokenize, govern, and trade any kind of asset. You can also interact with CORELEDGER TEOS on a programmatic level, and extend your solution with custom tools and apps, or even use it develop games, exchanges, markets, notary services and other useful, creative applications. 

Need even more functionality? We also offer an SDK through our Software Partner program

Partner products built with our API


TRIOB collectible game template

When Liechtenstein celebrated its 300th anniversary, TRIOB AG contributed a game to playfully tell the thrilling history of the small principality. The collectible card game bd300 is beautifully illustrated by Liechtenstein artist Tanja Frick. 

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Ambitorio SEND

An application designed to give you control over your data. Files can be encrypted and uploaded to cloud storage. The permission to access, download and decrypt the files is implemented as an Access token on blockchain. You can track each download with full transparency and use the solution to either monetize your data or simply protect it against unauthorized access, even though you are using the internet as the transmission protocol.  

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