BloqSens Partners with CoreLedger to Deliver Blockchain-Secured Sensor Data

CoreLedger is delighted to announce our latest partnership with fellow Swiss blockchain experts BloqSens. Based in Basel, BloqSens offers a solution for one of the most exciting non-financial DLT use cases today by securely recording and time-stamping sensor data to a blockchain. 

The advantage of blockchain technology is that once data has been written to a canonical block it becomes immutable. Reliable historical data from sensors can thus be trusted to help settle insurance claims, ensure the authenticity of health or food-related transport data (e.g. temperature, humidity, air pressure, vibration etc.), or simplify the issuing of certificates by reducing the effort required to check the relevant measurement data.

BloqSens offers the necessary know-how for a secure and smooth data flow from the sensor to the blockchain. They bring in-depth experience with custom-developed as well as industrial sensors and their integration, the backend to read and aggregate data from these sensors, and finally, a way to render the data into useful reports by means of AI. 

As partners, CoreLedger provides the enterprise blockchain platform for secure, tamper-proof recording of artifacts from an unlimited variety of IoT devices and sensors. The TEOS Platform covers all the functionalities needed to read and write to and from distributed ledgers in a highly structured way. Most importantly for IoT data, with TEOS private information can be kept secret, but its authenticity can be validated at any time via a public ledger. 

This partnership with BloqSens highlights CoreLedger’s commitment to providing cutting-edge, real-world solutions through blockchain technology that help enterprises solve problems, improve efficiency, and reach new customers around the world.

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