CoreLedger Awarded Prestigious DFINITY Developer Grant 

“Being able to offer our customers the efficient Internet Computer Protocol as a blockchain infrastructure for TEOS projects is a huge added value….”

Dr. Johannes Schweifer

The CoreLedger team is incredibly proud to announce that they have been awarded a prestigious DFINITY developer grant totaling $100,000 USD, which will enable CoreLedger to bring their powerful Token Economy Operating System (TEOS) Platform to the Internet Computer (ICP) ecosystem.  

The application process was rigorous, to say the least. The CoreLedger team had to set 4 milestones, defined by sets of deliverables, for their journey to bring the TEOS Platform over to the ICP. At each milestone, the DFINITY grant team will assess and evaluate the project’s progress before awarding the next disbursement. This grant award is a huge step forward for CoreLedger, and it means that all of the groundbreaking technology and real-world applications they have worked on will soon be available to even more users around the world.  

Dr. Johannes Schweifer, CoreLedger’s founder and CEO, says, “Being able to offer our customers the efficient Internet Computer Protocol as a blockchain infrastructure for TEOS projects is a huge added value, especially now as sustainability and managing our carbon footprint are top priorities for our industry. The Internet Computer Protocol uses the lowest amount of energy for computing power and on-chain storage space of all current blockchains, while maintaining extremely low transaction costs. Both are decisive arguments for wider industry adoption, and I am delighted that DFINITY is supporting us with this sizeable grant to port the TEOS platform to ICP. We are thrilled to announce that the TokenWARP protocol (DeFi2.0) will soon be available to the rapidly growing DFINITY community!” 

This grant, and the resulting availability of the TEOS Platform on ICP, furthers CoreLedger’s mission to help companies and startups master the early-stage challenges of blockchain projects with accessible, flexible blockchain technology solutions purpose-built for enterprise and real-world applications.  

About the DFINITY Foundation Developer Grant 

The DFINITY Foundation is a Swiss non-profit dedicated to the advancement of Web3 and boasts “the largest R&D team in blockchain.” The Internet Computer ecosystem is an ambitious project that aims to launch the next evolution of global computing, moving past corporate cloud centralization by enabling Web3 services to run completely on-chain. DFINITY’s grant program helps developers around the world to bring their innovations to this new protocol, jumpstarting the ecosystem and promoting a cutting-edge computing community. 

As DFINITY describes, “the Developer Grants Program aims to catalyze the growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem and make the Internet Computer accessible and approachable to more developers around the world by providing support to promising developers and teams.” To date, over $200 million USD in developer grants have been awarded, and CoreLedger is proud to be part of this respected and innovative community of developers pushing blockchain technology and the internet itself forward.  

About CoreLedger 

CoreLedger AG is a blockchain technology company based in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The company has developed an extremely powerful enterprise blockchain platform that enables customers to implement blockchain solutions quickly and cost-effectively. This platform consists of an operating system (TEOS) that runs on almost all blockchains and software components that can be combined to form a variety of applications. CoreLedger’s customers are established companies that want to increase their competitiveness or implement digitalization projects with blockchain technology, as well as startups that need a prototype quickly to find investors and want to offer their business model to the market with minimal development time. CoreLedger even has a patented solution for the still-booming financial applications business. TokenWARP© is a decentralized market system (DeFi2.0) for decentralized exchanges, digital marketplaces (Metaverse), and more. It is one of the earliest blockchain patents in the world. Founded in 2017, CoreLedger aims to become the leading blockchain platform for industry adoption. 

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