Speed Up Regulatory Processes For Your Tokenization Projects With Coreledger’s New Solution: Non-Fungible Assets

The biggest hurdle for blockchain technology companies and tokenization projects has always been navigating the complex regulatory frameworks that come with the digitization of assets. In many cases, jurisdictions don’t have clear laws for digital assets or tokenization; in others, the regulations are incredibly strict. There are so many useful things that can be done with blockchain technology, but getting them to market requires expensive licenses, years of waiting time, or costly intermediaries to realize these innovative projects. When it comes to the tokenization of real assets, the resulting token typically creates a regulated financial instrument, a security, on top of the asset itself.  

CoreLedger’s new Non-Fungible Asset (NFA) solution offers a way to harness the benefits of blockchain technology without creating securities in the process. With our proprietary solution, you can create personalized assets that provide all the benefits of tokenization to your stakeholders and customers. Unlike fungible ERC-20 tokens, NFA’s are designed with built-in limitations to their transferability, use, and handling, meaning that the regulatory process is significantly streamlined. This means a major reduction in time-to-market and effective legal costs. 

The NFA is the latest cutting-edge product made possible by CoreLedger TEOS. Learn more in our newly published whitepaper on NFAs here, and get in touch with us to start using NFAs in your project.  

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