TokenWARP Patent Approved

CoreLedger is so proud to announce that our patent application for TokenWARP technology has been granted in its first country! 

Our patent, called “Method for Carrying out Transactions,” covers one of the most important and exciting features of blockchain technology — trading. TokenWARP is like distributed finance (DeFi) on steroids; whereas common DeFi functionalities are just about two parties trading with each other, TokenWARP allows many more parties to simultaneously exchange value! 

Having three or more parties involved in a single trade is something that is almost impossible to achieve in the physical world, but a TokenWARP transaction can involve dozens or even hundreds of parties in the same transaction. Typically, the more parties involved, the harder it is to trade. That’s because of the risk that someone in the trade opts out after the trade has started, leaving the entire deal in jeopardy. On blockchain, however, with the use of our technology, the entire deal is either fulfilled all at once, or it doesn’t happen. Because of this “atomic transaction sequence,” nobody risks or loses anything if the deal doesn’t go through.  

This is a huge milestone for our company, and we are delighted to be awarded this highly valuable patent! It was submitted in 2017 and is one of the earliest blockchain patents in existence. Any process that tries to use blockchain in an application that truly takes advantage of its inherent strengths, such as the elimination of middlemen in transactions, will benefit from TokenWARP technology. The use cases we envisioned and are gradually bringing to life with our partners and customers include digital barter, location swaps, correspondence banking, virtual trading pairs, non-fungible assets, and many more.  

Learn more about our TokenWARP technology on our website and read about some of the game-changing use cases it makes possible on our Medium. 

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