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CoreLedger is an enterprise blockchain infrastructure company offering a versatile suite of solutions that can be employed in a variety of industries and real-life use cases. Our ready-to-use blockchain products fulfill our customers' needs in most business cases but can always be extended and customized for novel uses. We provide a world-class infrastructure on which our customers’ business thrives, but to fully support our clients throughout their project’s lifetime, we are open to partnerships in the following areas.

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Business Consulting

There are a growing number of use cases and industries that can profit from blockchain integration to save costs, make current offerings cheaper, or create entirely new products and services. Blockchain is much more than just writing a smart contract, and there are many possible ways to use the technology, but it’s easy to make costly mistakes if the wrong approach is taken. You can combine your industry-specific knowledge with our blockchain expertise to offer your clients forward-thinking solutions. You don’t have to become an expert yourself or hire expensive developers. As our partner, you can immediately leverage our decades of experience and development to bring this emerging technology to your clients.

Legal and Regulatory Advice

Blockchain technology is, by its very nature, closely linked to financial products. While more and more use cases are now emerging that are free from any regulatory restriction, many of our global clients still require clarity on whether their business model needs special permits, licenses, or compliance measures before it can go live. Read more about how legal and regulatory advice can boost our client’s use cases and how you can benefit from becoming part of our growing network of partners in this sector.

Software Development

In many software projects, a lot of effort is wasted on re-developing components that already exist elsewhere. This time and money could be much better invested. Instead of building everything from scratch, a blockchain project can start with CoreLedger TEOS API, or use one of our white label products as a template and extend or customize as needed. Learn more about our Software Development Partner program and how you can benefit.


Custom Extension

CoreLedger TEOS

  • Authorization and Authentication, Identity Services
  • Interaction with Blockchain fabric
  • Transaction management – TX.Service layer
  • Decentralized Market – Token WARP ® technology
  • Asset metadata services – DocumentDB

Marketing and PR

Blockchain adoption has not yet reached many areas of business and industry and is still considered a novelty in many areas, albeit a novelty with tremendous marketing potential if unleashed. Our Marketing and PR partners help customers to leverage the value of their blockchain solutions. We are actively seeking marketing and PR partners to assist in both token sale and B2B projects. If you’re interested, please contact us.

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