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For Startups, SMEs, and universities we offer the Active Sandbox, our complete Token Economy Operating System running on a private blockchain. This solution is designed specifically for developing and testing new blockchain use cases, or quickly building a functional proof-of-concept to attract investment. Because it’s technically the same as our productive CoreLedger TEOS solution, we help migrate you to a productive version when you’re ready to go live. 



A flexible codeless token economy platform that scales with your needs.

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Don't Start From Scratch

Getting started with blockchain can be expensive, slow, and complicated. Our Active Sandbox gives you a head start, saving time and money. Now, you can use our white label products to build and test your use cases on a private blockchain with free unlimited transactions, all without writing a single line of code. It's the perfect solution for startups who need to quickly build a functioning prototype to raise funds. We provide training, setup, and support, then help you migrate your project once you're ready to go live.

White Label Products

The Active Sandbox is comprised of a suite of three white label ready products that give you total control over a token economy. Manage a complete Token lifecycle with our WLM, set up a webshop for your tokens with the WLP, and keep a customizable wallet for your tokens in your pocket with the WLA. These applications all come bundled together, and we provide training and apply your custom branding.

Transparent Pricing

Active Sandbox on SparkNet
for 6 months
*Includes a White Label App, Portal, and Marketplace setup with your company's branding.

CoreLedger Startup Grant Program

CoreLedger also offers a special discount program for impact-focused Startups located in LATAM, Africa, and South East Asia. If you’d like to be considered, please send us an application.

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Active Sandbox Project Steps


Order and receive your Active Sandbox within a week.


Initial setup, branding, and training workshop by CoreLedger.


Use our white label tools to build your proof-of-concept.


Test, improve, and extend your solution.


Take your product live.