Supported Blockchains

When we first created TEOS, there was only one blockchain that could fulfill the necessary requirements, Ethereum. Today, the operating system and its smart contracts are designed to be able to run on any blockchain, and we are dedicated to bringing our products to new blockchain platforms as they appear. Future proofing was a design priority, and we are proud to say that TEOS is blockchain agnostic, as less than 5% of its code is chain specific. 


Currently we support

  • Ethereum Mainnet 
  • SparkNet (A proof-of-authority network for low-cost applications) 
  • DevilNet (A development environment, hosted by CoreLedger) 

 TEOS requires only two things: 

  • Smart contracts, that support a Turing-complete programming language 
  • A WORD length of at least 32 bytes 

 If you are interested in TEOS but think it should support a different blockchain, we are happy to talk.