Boost consumer trust with blockchain

Increasingly, consumers want to know more than just the nutritional facts of the food they consume. They want to know the details of where it comes from, how it was shipped, and if the production process was an ethical one. For the food industry, it has become a challenge to serve this growing thirst for information. But, it is also a huge opportunity for brands to differentiate and stay at the forefront of purchasing decisions by providing their consumers access to verified product information.

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Advantages of enriching product information on blockchain

  • Easy and secure access to product info via a QR code

  • Full transparency, including live data updates

  • Build consumer trust with forgery-proof data

  • Boost brand engagement and experience


How does it work?

First, you decide which data you want to securely store on blockchain. Next, a custom webpage is designed for you that displays all this information. This webpage is then made accessible to customers via a QR code printed on your product’s packaging.

In its most basic form, the solution allows brands and manufacturers to provide forge-proof data on each of their products. More sophisticated solutions can even apply live data updates. This enables companies, and their customers, to track and trace the product throughout the entire supply chain.


Your Benefits

  • Green blockchain with negligible energy consumption
  • Forge-proof information can be viewed in any browser
  • Fully custom design
  • API solution available for integration into any system
  • Fully white-labeled solution