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Custom Token FAQ

It costs CHF 1200  to set up the token, plus CHF 59 per month for the administration console. The minimum subscription is 12 months. After the first year, you can terminate the contract or renew. The console allows to conveniently mint/burn, document, or manage the whitelist/blacklist, etc.

Yes, you can have a preview in advance, together with an audit from ChainSecurity.

Currently our TX Infrastructure only supports Ledger Nano (on Windows) and our own software wallet, TX.Mobile. You can, however, use your preferred wallet afterwards for all your distribution needs.

Yes, it is.

The token contract cannot be modified once it's been issued. It is technically possible to replace it entirely without affecting the accounting, however we strongly advise against trying this. 

Currently, you have to do this manually. Alternatively we can assist you with a command-line tool, but it's not very user friendly.

Burning functionality is built into the administration profile.  It's not possible to pause the tokens natively, but there are other ways to pause them, for example if you do a presale and need to keep your token holders from selling their tokens before the presale phase is over.

No we can't do test contracts, but we can give you a full demo of the platform. 

Yes, you are the sole token owner. However, please note that the token contracts are by design not independent. There is always a connection to the TEOS environment, giving you access to a decentralized marketplace, etc. The contract set has been audited by ChainSecurity, and there is no way CoreLedger can compromise the integrity of your Token Accounts.

Your token is on Ethereum, and is a normal token based on the ERC-20 interface standard.

White Label Portal FAQ

No, in the scope of an Active Sandbox these methods are in DEMO mode. But for the productive subscription you need to have your own contract with these service providers. We will get you in contact with them. 

These can be configured to your requirements. 

We hand the SDK to our certified and contracted software partners. The SDK is not publicly available for free, but you can join our Software Partner program if you wish; just get in touch with us. 

White Label Marketplace FAQ

For both. Users have assigned roles that come with defined permissions and restrictions. However, the WLM is a full graphical implementation of all CORELEDGER TEOS features and therefore not the right product for the non-tech-savvy end-user but is absolutely the perfect product for power users and, of course, administrators. 

No. The WLM knows only your cryptographic public address. You will always control your private key yourself. 

There is unfortunately no free trial, but you can subscribe to our Active Sandbox to try out the full CORELEDGER TEOS suite. 

Not programmatically. It can be configured to reflect your CI/CD and you can then adapt the rights, roles, and all governance rules, as well as impose restrictions for asset creation and search. If you need custom processes you can easily implement them with the end-user tools, the WLA and WLP. They are easy to adapt and have been made specifically with this purpose in mind. 

TX.Mobile FAQ

No, CoreLedger has no control over your keys and has no access to them. The app offers a convenient way to back up your private key, but if you lose the backup or don't keep it safe and secure then you lose your private key forever. 

You can, it's just less convenient and requires a Ledger Nano Bridge running on your computer. 

You can send assets to addresses, but TX.Mobile does not show you any balances. It is exclusively built to support generic transaction signing. If you need a wallet, you can use the White Label App or one from our customers or partners.