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One of the reasons that blockchain technology is so exciting for businesses is that various features can be used to benefit so many different industries. As a blockchain infrastructure provider, our four Token Economy Essentials can be applied individually or in combination to industries ranging from agriculture to healthcare, and from mining to digital rights management. But while many industries can benefit today, they need knowledgeable consultants who know how to best implement this new and rapidly evolving technology to ensure a successful project from the very beginning.

Read about specific use cases and industries that blockchain technology can enhance on our Medium page and E-Book library.

We are looking for consulting partners interested in accessing these new markets by becoming experts in the growing field of enterprise blockchain.

Familiarity with our CoreLedger TEOS infrastructure is key to employing all the technology’s benefits in an efficient way that achieves optimal results for the end customer. We provide excellent infrastructure, and our Software Development partners can extend or modify our white label products for virtually any use case, but it is a consultant’s industry-specific expertise that can be a deciding factor in the overall success of a project.

As a Consulting Partner, combine your industry knowledge and business logic with our technology to offer your clients state-of-the-art solutions before anyone else.

Your benefits as a Consulting Partner:

Free CoreLedger TEOS Active Sandbox with your branding

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Early access to partner products

Early access to new blockchain use cases

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