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White Label Portal FAQ

Is the payment service provider (bank, credit card, Bitcoin) already included?

No, in the scope of an Active Sandbox these methods are in DEMO mode. But for the productive subscription you need to have your own contract with these service providers. We will get you in contact with them. 

Which payment and redemption methods are available?

These can be configured to your requirements. 

Custom Token FAQ

How much does it cost to create an ERC-20 token on CoreLedger's platform?

It costs CHF 1200  to set up the token, plus CHF 59 per month for the administration console. The minimum subscription is 12 months. After the first year, you can terminate the contract or renew. For more information, please visit the Custom Token page.

Is the contract created on Ethereum?

Yes, it is. Our custom tokens are compliant with the current standards (e.g. ERC-20) on the Ethereum blockchain, and are ready to be adapted to any potential new standards which might emerge in the future.

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