Certificates of Education

are predominantly issued on paper with the seal and signature of the issuer. Our next-generation certificates provide a smooth transition into the digital era and are available as full digital version or a printable PDF. Both formats are secured by blockchain technology and their authenticity can be easily verified whenever needed.

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Advantages of Digital Certificates on Blockchain

1) Secured by blockchain technology
2) The original certificate is accessible at any time
3) Easy and secure verification by scanning a QR code

How does it work?

The certificate is custom designed according to your requirements. You simply provide the necessary input data via a web form, such as the learner’s name, date of graduation, etc. Once you approve the data with a button click in our mobile app, the certificate is automatically created and secured with blockchain technology. The final certificate can be directly downloaded as a PDF or shared via a link or QR code.   

The final certificate can then be used like any other certificate in the form of a PDF, a physical copy, and even as a fully digital version. Anyone can verify the certificate by scanning the QR code with a mobile phone to open the original certificate in a web viewer.   

Your Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Secure, forgery-proof, and easy to verify certificates
  • Custom design 
  • Certificate can be verified with any mobile device
  • Prices starting from 49 USD/month
  • Certificates are available in different languages
  • Reduce your administrative effort
  • Differentiate your institute by applying new technology
  • Certificate creation can be automated and integrated into your existing system