CoreLedger Adds Native NFT Support

Native NFT Support is Now Live on CoreLedger TEOS

We are happy to announce that native NFT functionality is now live on CoreLedger TEOS. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have enjoyed widespread, even mainstream, appeal over the past year, particularly the speculative use of digital art tokens. As an enterprise-focused blockchain infrastructure provider, we see NFTs becoming important tools for businesses as well. NFTs provide a level of uniqueness and solidity that is notable among digital assets.

CoreLedger TEOS customers will be able to create and manage NFT smart contracts and non-fungible assets directly from their Token Lifecycle Management console and integrate them into the existing ecosystem of NFTs and tools on the Ethereum Mainnet. NFTs created on CoreLedger TEOS have a built-in TokenWARP capability that enables them to be offered and traded decentrally against anything else.

Improving Functionality

This release also brings a number of improvements to usability, as well as new enterprise features for the White Label Portal (WLP), such as a custom HTML purchase page. While the White Label Marketplace now allows you to create an NFT directly from the console, the WLP is where you can create your own web-shop to sell NFTs as well as standard Fungible Tokens. The webshop also comes with new functionalities like the integration of a custom HTML page that makes it perfect for token sale applications. 

The CoreLedger TEOS API is also being updated with additional functionality for our enterprise customers, including the ability to create assets, create, destroy, or transfer units, retrieve account holdings, and add wallet addresses. Additional TokenWARP functionality will also be coming to the API soon. 

For more information about using CoreLedger TEOS NFTs in your business, please get in touch with us via the contact form on our website. 

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