CoreLedger Provides Active Sandbox for Swiss University’s CAS Blockchain Course

CoreLedger’s new Active Sandbox is an incredibly versatile and forgiving tool for developing and testing blockchain and token economy-based solutions in a code-less environment. These traits also make it a perfect learning tool, and several Universities have expressed their interest in using it in the classroom. CoreLedger is excited to provide its Token Economy Operating System (TEOS) and white label blockchain products to one, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
for their upcoming CAS Blockchain course, starting October 30th. In this professional certificate course, students will get a hand’s on learning experience with blockchain, along with lectures from industry professionals including CoreLedger’s CEO Johannes Schweifer.
Using TEOS’s Active Sandbox mode, students will be able to freely build and experiment with blockchain, including tokenizing, governing, and trading assets. It’s a one of a kind learning opportunity for anyone interested in blockchain technology, and showcases the flexibility and ease-of use that makes CoreLedger’s Active Sandbox such a revolutionary tool. We’re so excited that students, many of them professionals, will get to experience the technology first hand, and we hope that the success of this educational program will inspire other university programs.

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