CoreLedger Launches Industry First Product to “Trial” Blockchain: The Active Sandbox

Announcing a new chapter in our company’s development— the CoreLedger Active Sandbox. 

Our Active Sandbox is the latest example of our commitment to making blockchain adoption as easy and cost-effective as possible. Available as an affordable, fixed term subscription, the Active Sandbox is the ideal tool for those who have been interested in blockchain but have been unsure about the cost and risk of jumping into a full-scale project. The Active Sandbox is just that, a safe, non-productive, but fully functioning, blockchain environment where trial projects are free to test and try out ideas with zero gas cost. You can even interact with other trial projects to simulate a real, productive token economy. The Active Sandbox leverages all the advanced functionality of our Whitelabel products (WLAWLPWLM), comes with set up and training included and can even be adapted to your corporate identity for those all-important showcases and PoCs. Best of all, if you decide you want to scale to a productive blockchain, we can help you move your project. 

The Active Sandbox is unique in the industry, as it is one of the only ways to “trial” blockchain technology. It’s perfect for rapid prototyping, fit-gap analysis, PoCs, investor showcasing, and other such applications that require flexibility and low cost. This rapid, affordable, no-risk solution radically improves the precision of blockchain project budgeting and dramatically reduces the risk and initial investment compared to the traditional blockchain project development path.

Read more about the Active Sandbox here and get in touch with us to schedule a call

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