CoreLedger Launches Whitelabel App

Announcing the Whitelabel App (WLA), the second product in CoreLedger’s growing TEOS suite. With the integration of the WLA, TEOS now offers end-users a full 360° experience, enabling them to conveniently interact with any blockchain use case directly from a customizable, easy to use mobile application. The WLA comes with an SDK, so that our software partners can easily integrate it into their own blockchain projects.  

The WLA is packed with functionality and features, such as a Wallet, and a QR code scanner to import from Token Cards, read accounts, verify account addresses and much more.  

As a part of TEOS, the WLA helps connect you to decentralized marketplaces, giving you an overview of your assets and allowing you to buy and sell tokens right on your phone, with all the usual TEOS benefits like our Token WARP to boost liquidity. The WLA can even be used as a POS to create payment requests or invoices. 

The WLA is available on both Android and iOS. Learn more about TEOS and the Whitelable products here. If you’re a software developer interested in using the WLA SDK, please get in touch.   

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