Two Additional Tokens Issued on CoreLedger’s System

smartmo’s SMOI and Finetoken’s Finegoldtoken have been issued on CoreLedger’s system.

CoreLedger is pleased to announce the deployment of two new digital assets, SMOI and Finegoldtoken.

Powered by CoreLedger’s tokenization technology, individual investors interested in contributing to a Swiss startup can now purchase SMOI tokens. These digital assets support the recently launched bicycle parking solution, smartmo. Token holders will help contribute to the expansion of smartmo parking stations across Switzerland and beyond, and in turn, benefit from the company’s smart-contract backed profit-sharing model.

In addition to smartmo, CoreLedger’s tokenization technology is the engine for its Liechtenstein based partner Finetoken AG. Finetoken AG enables its customers to issue well designed tokens, such as Finegoldtoken. Finegoldtokens are issued by the owner of gold. Unlike traditional way of investing in gold, investors buy tokens which are acting as warehouse warrants for the stored real gold. The gold is stored in the former military bunkers in the Swiss Alps, under Swiss jurisdiction. It provides investors more convenience, better pricing and more liquidity.

CoreLedger’s ready-to-use blockchain solution is enabling various new use cases. The company is looking forward to helping additional businesses succeed with implementing blockchain technology into their offerings and day-to-day operations.

About CoreLedger

As a prominent blockchain infrastructure provider, CoreLedger is making blockchain technology simple for businesses to use. With CoreLedger’s solutions, clients can readily tokenize their offerings with fast-to-implement resources that will allow them to modernize their services. Thanks to our in-house developed software solutions and experienced blockchain specialists, CoreLedger is ready to help you make your next move with blockchain technology.

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