CoreLedger opens new office in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

CoreLedger AG, a Liechtenstein company, is moving to a new office in the center of Vaduz, from its old headquarter in Schaan. The reason for the move is to join the newly opened CV Labs in Vaduz. CV Labs has successfully opened a working space for blockchain companies in Zug, Switzerland. With the growing community and ecosystem, they are opening a new hub in the heart of Liechtenstein. In this grand opening, CoreLedger will be one of the four companies, which are the initial residents.

Earlier this year, bd300 was launched to celebrate Liechtenstein’s 300year birthday as a mobile game powered by CoreLedger infrastructure. As a company with strong root in the blockchain community in Liechtenstein, CoreLedger AG will continue to contribute to growing the ecosystem.

“We started in Liechtenstein as the country is very welcoming to blockchain technology companies like us. Having an efficient government and progressive regulation provides us with the best growth conditions. Our new office in Vaduz will put us in the hub with other companies in this industry. I hope we can create synergies together and further develop in the region,” says Dr. Johannes Schweifer, CEO of CoreLedger.

About CoreLedger

As a prominent blockchain infrastructure provider, CoreLedger is making blockchain technology simple for businesses to use. With CoreLedger’s offerings, clients can readily tokenize their offerings with fast-to-implement resources that will allow them to modernize their services. Thanks to our in-house developed software solutions and experienced blockchain specialists, CoreLedger is ready to help you make your next move with blockchain technology.

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