CoreLedger powers bicycle parking facility in Switzerland, launching in six SBB train stations

Smartmo bike parkings during the launch in Luzern train station.

In Switzerland, commuting via bicycle is a growing trend but public facilities have not caught up with the growing number of bikes. This is especially true for e-bikes, which comprise 10% of the total number of bikes owned in Switzerland. Smartmo’s parking facility will provide bikers with a secure way of parking, including helmet storage space and charging functionality.

CoreLedger is smartmo’s technology partner. Leveraging CoreLedger’s blockchain technology solutions, smartmo will enable cyclists to easily reserve, park, charge, and pay for its services.

“To power a tangible project which is in partnership with Swiss Railroad Company SBB, is a big step forward for us,” says Dr. Johannes Schweifer, CEO of CoreLedger. “The business applications of our infrastructure go beyond bicycle parking. We are looking forward to collaborating with more companies and bringing the true values of decentralized ledger technology to the real world.”

About CoreLedger

As a prominent blockchain infrastructure provider, CoreLedger is making blockchain technology simple for businesses to use. With CoreLedger’s offerings, clients can readily tokenize their offerings with fast-to-implement resources that will allow them to modernize their services. Thanks to our in-house developed software solutions and experienced blockchain specialists, CoreLedger is ready to help you make your next move with blockchain technology.

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