CoreLedger Powers Mobile Game bd300

CoreLedger is proud to be the technology partner powering bd300, a blockchain powered mobile game launched to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Liechtenstein.

bd300 is a very special kind of blockchain project, focused on fun and learning, rather than speculation or boring business cases. The project is built on CoreLedger’s TEOS infrastructure, and demonstrates its scalability and multi-use potential for projects outside of traditional blockchain use-cases. Liechtenstein itself is a forward thinking global leader in blockchain legislation, making it one of the best countries in the world for blockchain startups, and this game pays tribute to that fact.

A mobile card collecting game, bd300 was inspired by project founder Klaus Stark’s life long passion for collecting, his interest in blockchain, and his love for his home country, which just so happens to be one of CoreLedger’s home countries too.

Each of the 300 cards marks an important person, place, or event from the past three centuries of Liechtenstein’s history. These were then lovingly hand illustrated by local artist Tanya Frick, before being digitized. The descriptions on the ‘back’ of each card tell their stories, so that by the time players have collected all 300 cards, they will be fully versed in the unique culture of one of Europe’s smallest countries.

The game is also designed to seamlessly showcase blockchain technology by operating as a token economy. Each card is in fact a token, while the ‘collector’s album’ is a digital wallet. Just as you would exchange tokens in any other crypto wallet, trading cards with other players in the game is a peer-to-peer transaction recorded on a distributed ledger.

bd300 is really a passion project for everyone involved, and you can feel that when you play. It celebrates not only Liechtenstein’s history, but also the country’s role as a leader in the exciting evolution of blockchain technology, which this game showcases elegantly.

As Klaus himself describes it, “now everyone can play and learn more about Liechtenstein’s culture and history through an innovative app powered by a sophisticated and future proof technology.”

The game can be played in either English or German, and is available on both iOS and Android.

More information can be found on their website.

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