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We provide the infrastructure that makes it possible to digitize and then trade any asset on the blockchain. The tokens generated by this digitization serve as both a medium of exchange and a digital claim to the asset represented. Every token has a unique issuer who is obligated to convert the token into its underlying real asset upon upon completion of a transaction. The description of this obligation is stored in the blockchain and cannot be altered or forged. Now, the blockchain ensures the reputation and trustworthiness of the issuer, replacing the traditional trust in the counter party.

An Open Barter Network

CoreLedger allows the user to exchange their own tokens at their desired rate against other tokens. Our platform allows you to search for all the possible series of trades that can be executed at a given point in time. The search results show not only the bilateral exchange of tokens, but also multilateral processes in which all offers of several parties are executed in a simultaneous series of trades. This innovation removes a classic limitation of traditional markets and opens up new exchange possibilities.

Simultaneous Transactions

Until now, the transaction process (e.g. transferring financial compensation, exchanging, and crediting goods) has typically been separated both temporally and materially. One of the greatest advantages of CoreLedger is that the processing of arbitrary transactions (delivery upon payment, exchange, remuneration) is carried out on the same platform. The underlying mathematics and cryptography of the blockchain safely ensure that both parties receive the agreed upon assets without the need for an independent third party, thereby saving significant transaction costs.

Dividing “Indivisible” Goods

With CoreLedger indivisible goods such as works of art, real estate and other non-bankable assets can be subdivided into tradable units. The issuer simply decides what value and right a token has; for example, what fraction of a good the token represents and whether it denotes ownership or a right to use. This decision is left to the issuer and is permanently documented in the token description.

Location Swaps

Users are completely free to define the digitized values of their goods or services as tokens. A systematic definition based on industry standards makes it easy to then locate and compare products. If tokens are for identical goods, but in different locations, they can be exchanged in a simple swap without the need for a physical transfer of goods. For example, a party may own copper in Australia but require it in Zurich. Rather than incurring the freight cost, they can simply swap ownership of their Australian copper for the copper in Zurich.

Using CoreLedger

The CoreLedger infrastructure is extremely flexible and can be used directly by any individual or company without restrictions, worldwide. All you need is a user account for the Marketplace web portal.

For corporate clients interested in adapting our platform to their needs, we offer partnership solutions. This allows clients to customize the visual appearance, user administration, and other roles with very little effort; we work with you to develop solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.


Fundamentally, CoreLedger is about using blockchain as a transport protocol and virtual machine to execute smart contracts. All business logic is displayed in the form of smart contracts in the automation layer. At any time, we can extend this business logic with additional processes, allowing CoreLedger to stay flexible and ready for future requirements and innovations.

Security plays a central role throughout all of our infrastructure. With this in mind, we offer our own authentication tool suite in the form of TX.Server and TX.Mobile. These can be used simultaneously with standard tools (Geth, Mist, Parity) in the graphical user interface. 

At the heart of our architecture is an easy-to-use interface designed with users and existing applications in mind. The CoreLedger Marketplace provides a customizable graphical user interface for web and mobile applications. Our platform is extremely flexible, and developers can integrate our API at any time to create their own custom programs.



The CoreLedger Marketplace and our app only scratch the surface of the technological possibilities that our platform provides. By becoming a CoreLedger partner, we can help you get the most out of our infrastructure in order to realize new business ideas quickly, easily, and securely.

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