Animation video of the project

The advantages of our platform and its applications.

Global trade

Offering products and services on a global scale. In exchange for currency units or any other type of value. Transactions do not require a bank account.


Trading from one person to another without any detours or third parties. The blockchain creates trust based on mathematics.


A WARP connects two trading partners in a crosslinked market system and finds the perfect route from the offered to the desired good via sequential trades.


First WARP tests successful

The core element of our architecture – the crosslinking of individual offers into sequential trades has been proven live on the testnet. The proof-of-concept implementation has thereby been successfully accomplished.

Second milestone reached

The development enters the next phase after the recent community meeting has been held on the 3rd of december 2016 in Baar, Zug. Individual components of our architecture are now being connected with the smart contract and the other pieces of the service infrastructure. Shortly we will have our first prototype for tests.

Das Team

Bernhard Elkuch

Specialist for media, marketing and promotion. Founder and CEO of CreativeService AG. Supports the market entry of the CoreLedger platform with his vast KnowHow and network.


International Coach and Consultant, Managing Partner at Preston Meyer Group. Responsible for functionality to describe and locate assets traded on CoreLedger marketplaces.

Jeff Nord

Expert for Microsoft architectures and DotNet development. Many years of experience as project manager and architect. responsible for the web architecture and the user interface of CoreLedger..

Jo May

Webdesign and development of the CoreLedger website. German voice, concept and design of the GoAnimate animation videos.

Johannes Schweifer

Early Adopter of blockchain technologies in Crypto Valley of Switzerland and co-founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG. Founder of the project and CEO of CoreLedger AG.

Quentin Willimann

Software engineer and co-founder of SharpTec GmbH. Mobile application development for the CoreLedger platform.

Richard Zbinden

President of the board of CoreLedger AG.

Rolf Latzer

Mobile application development for the CoreLedger platform.

Stefan Latzer

Expert for Microsoft technologies and experienced software architect. Responsible for the interface between blockchain, webservices and applications.

Tobias Glage

System engineer in the field of network security. Tobias is responsible for the platform integrity and performing tests.